Visionary. Strategic. Passionate.

Our company partners have worked with companies of all sizes in nearly every type of industry you can imagine. We have more than 60 years of combined experience, and our strategic partners are all leading-edge visionaries in their respective fields.


Dr. Tina Ferguson, Ph.D.
Marketing, Culture and Business Growth Strategist

Tina Ferguson works with company leaders around the globe to create their highest possible vision for their companies. Her clients are rock stars in their industries and often are seen as visionaries or pioneers in their fields – these trusted, go-to leaders live on the cutting-edge of possibility. From vision to messaging and positioning, she helps leaders ensure they are creating companies, marketing messaging and business growth strategies that truly reflect their highest values. She believes that when people, purpose and passion align, the result is staggeringly fast growth and super-charged brands that attract top clients and the best talent. Her clients say she brings fun back to the game of business. She has a sixth-sense about what is going on inside business cultures, their leaders and how these attitudes affect their marketplace, their company growth and marketing. She challenges clients to dream big and to create extraordinary companies that benefit owners/shareholders, employees and clients. Tina lives in Plano, Texas with her husband, Mark, and her son, Chance.

Mark Ferguson
Business Consulting & Technology Strategist

Mark Ferguson is a business and technology strategist with more than 30 years of experience helping companies from start-up to Fortune 50 integrate their business and technology processes. Known as a person who can create a high-value, low-cost solution for almost anything, he draws strongly from his entrepreneurial roots. Mark’s can-do attitude and strong interpersonal skills enable him to work with c-level execs and front-line employees alike to ensure success from concept to implementation. Although comfortable in a shirt and tie, Mark most often works virtually with companies around the world from his backyard. He’s come to be known as the laid-back CEO because most days – summer through winter – you will find him in a pair of khaki shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.